King smashes a bike.


I thought the hammer was going to break...


The video starts with King introducing the audience to the video. He then throws the bike off the roof. After this he inspects the damage. He sees that only the tire came off and that it didn't do that much damage. King then starts hitting the bike with the hammer. King tries ripping the break but fails. After this, King hammers the wheels and breaks the reflector light. King then steps on the bike and drops the hammer. After this the bike falls over and he continues hammering it. He ends up breaking another light. After this he throws a hammer at the bike and hammers the chains. After that King begins hammering the bike some more. King takes out the pruner and tries cutting the tire with it, along with hammering the bike some more. King hammers the seat and bends it. King smashes the pedals to break the lights. King says this is the end of the video and carries the bike to the trash can.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Bike Thrown, hammered, cut with pruner Plainrock124 Broken


  • This is the first time King smashes something that isn't related to technology