King destroys a camcorder


Thanks for over 100 subscribers! Today, most high tech thing I have now gets smashed


The video starts out with King introducing the audience to the 100 subscriber special. King starts smashing a pen when he cameraman tells him to stop. The cameraman tries explaining to King that he needs to smash something more interesting and pitches the idea of smashing the Xbox 360. King denies it and argues with him about breaking the camcorder. After the fight, King throws the camcorder off the roof. After the intro King explains that he is smashing the camcorder and thanks the audience. The tapes the camcorder to his scooter and shows a clip of him riding around with the camcorder dragging behind him. After this King assesses the damage. After this King starts dropping rocks on the camcorder. After this King light the camcorder on fire. After a little bit, King puts out the fire and assesses the damage. King puts the camcorder back on his scooter and rides on it once more. After this King shows clips go him hammering the camcorder. The video ends with King smashing the charger and thanking the audience.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Pen Hammered Plainrock124 Unknown most likely destroyed
Canon ES8400V Hi8 Thrown, dragged behind scooter, crushed with rock, burnt, hammered. Plainrock124 Destroyed


  • This is the camera used in Today's Teens vs. Old Skool Tech
  • This is the first time King burnt something in a video.
  • This is the first time the Bored Smashing - Pen gag was used.
  • This is the first appearance of the Cameraman