King smashes a cell phone.


It was my mom's...


The video starts out with King hitting his phone with icicles and he ends up cracking the screen. After that he rides a sled on top of it. Then he starts throwing the sled on it. He rides on a sled again but with a hammer in his hand hitting the phone. He stands up the phone on the snow and drops a hammer on it multiple times. He eventually breaks the phone in half and starts throwing the halves at each other. After that he throws the phone in the are a lot of times. Then he throws snow in it and hits the phone again. The video ends with him putting the phone in a fountain.



Item Destroyed

Method of Destruction


Final Result

Motorola W385 Hit with icicle, Hammered, Run over with sled, Drowned Plainrock124 Broken in half, No longer functioning


  • King smashed his mom's phone.
  • This is the first time a phone is ever smashed.

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