King destroys a gaming PC with suggestions made from fans and many commenters. It is also Plainrock124's 10k sub special.


Thanks for suggesting how I should smash a Gaming PC for 10000 subscribers! PC Master Race?


In the beginning of the episode, King asks why gaming PC's have to light up, and asks how one owning a gaming PC would be able to sleep. After the intro, he shows a desktop computer that is much different than the computer shown in the video explaining how he should break the PC. He later tells his mom that he has an excess amount of tech in his room. His mother panics, and quickly takes the actual computer and even a Playstation 2. She/he brings the computer outside and puts it on the ground. Later, after King finishes his sentence, she throws the PS2 on the ground, and King thanks her in a confused tone. After he turns on the computer, PC Master Race King, yells at his computer, while mimicking Cleveland Brown's iconic lines. The first set of comments from tremaingames, TheProGuy 1257, Debstool, ISZARK, LakoTheCommenter, and Colbat Ore suggest that he should use accessories, such as a mouse and a keyboard to smash the computer. He does so and starts beating the computer with a keyboard. The keyboard cracks the front panel and he snaps the keyboard in half. After that he uses the mouse to crack the side panel. He smashes the mouse on the ground and throws a monitor at the PC. The commenters Dante Delagarza, Brendon Foster, Sniperz. Colton Vlogs, RIchard Cowlishaw, The SonicRide, TH - Austrian_Azrael, ThDor45, mysticalgardener, DarriusTheKid, and VideoGuy666 tell him to use the Hammer to destroy it. He starts hitting the PC with a hammer and shatters more of the side panel, but forgets to record on his iPhone. He then starts beating it more with the iPhone recording. After that commenters StealthCanineYT, tonyx6, and Dylan Calkings tell King to smash it with the Bat. King says that he wouldn't be smashing the PC with a bat but that he would be smashing the graphics card, then the scene cuts to PC Master Race King crying as King tosses the graphics card onto the PC. The video cuts to a black screen with text explaining that the camera didn't record the destruction of the graphics card and shows a picture of the destroyed card to prove that he broke it. Commenters Ian Kilgore, Bren Leong, Jaythekiirby, Yeets, MattYTGK, A silly kid Looms, Jaythekirby, LowEndPcGamer, Death Picard, Tomáš Mikšovský, and ItsSkimsYT suggest that he should pour water on it. King says that it is dangerous and asks who would suggest that when the video cuts to PC Master Race King laughing evilly while commenting on King's video. He then pours a cup of water on it which doesn't do anything. He pours a bucket of water on it after that breaking the internals. More comments come from Gheorghe Andrei, ada66, xStarFoxFan2004x, kscollector, CaptainSilver, SealedFate, and Shenzi Fan told King to throw a rock at the PC. (More to be added soon)



  • The song Sweatshirt is used a second time.
  • This is the first time water bottle flips are used as a gag.
  • King dabs for the first time on video. (Excluding the "trick dab" on the 10,000 SUBS video.)
  • When commenters tell King to pour water on the PC there are two accounts with similar names. Jaythekiirby and Jaythekirby.
  • This is the final appearance of the HP keyboard.
  • When King danced to Sweatshirt, the dance on Just Dance was actually Sorry by Justin Bieber.
  • At the time of the video being uploaded, it does not make sense on how King would own Just Dance 2017, despite not being released. However, this could be possible, as he might have had a "beta" version of the game.
  • This video was posted on a reddit page in the subreddit r/pcmasterrace complaining about the fact he smashed a gaming PC

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