King reviews the LG 306G and smashes it.


After a long wait, my most anticipated episode is out and the series continues! I wonder when will the last one be done...


King starts by introducing us to the new video. King then unboxes the phone violently. The phone turns on and looks at the phone. He says that it looks like Android but lower quality. King then takes a picture and does a video test. The video turned out tone extremely pixelated. King looks at the games and saw that there was nothing interesting. King tries connecting to wifi but they keyboard was terrible and too hard to use.He goes to YouTube and watches some iDubbbz videos. King then searches up his channel and asks the audience to subscribe. King first does a back drop test. The phone came apart but it still worked. King then did a side drop test, and the phone still worked. King then did a face down drop test and it still worked. After this King does the ludicrous drop test. The screen did not crack but the battery got bent, making it impossible to put it in the phone. King then burns the phone. After a time-lapse of the phone burning, King assumes that the phone is dead. He puts out the fire and notices that the phone still works. King peels off the plastic layer of the screen to see that parts of the LCD are burnt, but the LCD still works. Then King takes a nail, and hammers it through the screen. King then starts playing baseball with the phone. King realized that the Flip Mino HD was not recording and kicks it down. King then puts the phone on the ground and begins hitting it with the bat.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
LG 306G Dropped, Thrown, Burned, Hammered with nail, Hit with bat King Liang Destroyed
Flip Mino HD Kicked over King Liang No visible damage


  • King makes multiple references to iDubbbzTV in this video.
  • This is the first time the phone survived the ludicrous drop test.
  • This is the first time King uses music from Epidemic Sounds.


  • King said, "First were gonna burn it alive first" which is incorrect grammar.