Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 5 is made by King Liang (aka Plainrock124) which shows him destroying 2 phones from Fry's that he got for $5 and $10 US Dollars. In the video he gets two phones by Net10. The two phones are an Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star LTE 2 and the LG Lucky.


  • This is the second video where he uses a Blender.
  • He uses Net10 for the first time in his Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES!
  • He uses 2 phones instead of one.
  • This video reveals King prefers Alcatel over LG.
  • This is the first time King properly unboxes something in Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES!
  • This is the second time he plays Jacob Sartorius songs in Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES!
  • On the box the LG phone was called the Sunrise, but the actual phone and on the manual it was called the Lucky.
  • On the box it says NET10 but boot splash screen says Tracfone Wireless

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