Plainrock124 smashes some CDs.


Music removed because of copyright issues.


He says that he found CDs in his library's free box and says that he would smash them. He throws the first disc off the roof and starts hammering it. He shoots the second disc with a Nerf gun and throws the gun at it. After that he throws the hammer at it. He also throws the disc on the ground, shattering it. He crushes the third disc with a rock. He takes the fourth disc and throws it down a hill at the park. After that he plays basketball using the disc. He tosses the fifth disc down the stairs multiple times and crushes it with a scooter. He puts the remains of the CD's in a bucket and drops a hammer in the bucket



Item Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
CDs Dropped, Hammered, Shot with Nerf Gun, Hit with Nerf Gun, Thrown, Crushed with rock, Run over with scooter King Liang Destroyed


  • The description of the video said that music was removed because of copyright, but there was still music.
    • However the music is overlapping, most likely to avoid copyright


  • The grammar in the title is incorrect, this is mainly due to the fact that King was very young when he made this video.