King destroys a pen as an April Fools joke.


The episode starts out with Plainrock124 and Plainrocky123 doing a math test. Plainrocky123 then makes a mistake and brags about how he has an erasable pen. After that he taunts Plainrock124 with the fact he has to use a pencil. Plainrock124 throws Plainrocky123's calculator on the floor but Plainrocky123 says he got it at the dollar store on Black Friday. King then takes the pen and is about to smash it but Plainrocky123 says that if King does it his fans will get made. King then points out that it is April Fools so he could do it. Plainrocky123 screams and King starts smashing the pen. A picture of an arrow pointing to wrong shows up to represent ,"GONE WRONG". Then a picture of a model pops up to represent, "GONE SEXUAL" Then you can see sirens play in the background to represent, "GONE POLICE". After that a picture of a guy getting punched and a picture of a gun pop up to represent, "GOT PUNCHED GOT SHOT" Then a picture of people running in the hood pops up with Snoop Dog's "Where Da Hood At" song playing in the background. He then attempts to burn the pen but it wouldn't light. He then sprays it with sunscreen and smashes a light bulb on it.



  • The pen isn't actually destroyed in this video.
  • The background picture of "the hood" is actually from TwinzTV's hood prank.
  • This is the second time King uses sunscreen in a video.

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