King destroys a Tamagotchi.


20 dollar crap! UPDATE: It's been a year! Wow, my voice is high and I made some embarrassing edits and smashing methods! 


The video starts with King dropping the Tamagotchi in a bucket of water and moving it around to break it. The short intro plays and after that he does a skit to demonstrate what would happen if you brought a Tamagotchi to school, which results in a student throwing it on the ground. Then he demonstrates what would happen New York which resulted in someone stealing it and throwing it on the ground. He then throws it at the wall for "fun". After that he runs over the Tamagotchi with a scooter and a recycle bin. He sees that the antenna to connect to other players fell off and says it is a scam since he doesn't see any internals. The video then cuts to a timelapse of him hammering it with a nail. After that there is another timelapse of him destroying it.



Item Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Tamagotchi Thrown, Hammered, Run over with recycle bin, drowned King Liang

Unnamed Kid

New Yorker

Battery Hammered King Liang Destroyed