The Canon Powershot G7x Mark II is the camera that King bought on eBay and uses it for videos. He used it to film videos such as QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR 50000 SUBSCRIBERS, Bored Smashing - DIGITAL CAMERAS!, and IDIOTS WATCH SUPERBOWL 2017 which is the first YouTube video shot on the camera. King used the camera for almost a month before it broke. During NINTENDO SWITCH UNBOXING (SUPER PROFESSIONAL) he was going to take a photo for Instagram when the tripod fell and damaged the camera. The lens was dented and wouldn't focus. When he tried to close the camera it got stuck and anytime he tried to turn it on it sounded like a machine gun. The full documentation of this is in the main channel video called BROKE MY CAMERA OVER NINTENDO SWITCH. King sent the camera in for repair for repair for the full repair price as he bought it off of eBay. Canon sent him a broken one the first time. Canon went back and fourth until recently they just sent him a new one according to his Instagram.