'HOW TO HAVE A BAD DAY' is a video describing King's horrific luck with numerous belongings.

He begins by talking about his Boosted Board failing to charge. He then mentions that the battery that is failing to charge is actually a replacement, and he unfortunately sold the original battery just the week before. Because his Boosted Board was unable to function, he would have to use his car (which he despises) as his main mode of transport instead.

King then goes on to talk about his iBook. He was attempting to plug a USB into the system, but was actually attempting to insert it into the Ethernet port. Not knowing this, he pushed it in with more force, only to realise that he had bent the pins in the port later. He then attempted to bend them back into place, but accidentally snapped some. This meant that with the Ethernet jack and WiFi card no longer functional, the iBook would never be able to connect to the internet.

He then talks about a Contigo branded water bottle he recently purchased. He woke up in the morning and proceeded to take a drink from the bottle. However, due to a manufacturing fault, water spilled out of the bottle's unlock button and onto King's face.

But in the new update,Plainrock said the Boosted Board just got fixed,they replaced the battery and the Boosted Board can charge now.The iBook Ethernet Jack is still screwed and Target did exchange the water bottle.