This is a video was made to help a teacher and was made for the CTE Department. This video is made for teaching positive communication


This is a video I made for a struggling teacher, trying to come up with a video idea based on "Positive Communication." This video was shown to every class at my school, but they all watched the shortened version, where one of the scenes was edited out because it could have offended some people. This is the extended version, with the deleted scene included, so if you can here from watching my video at school, this video might offend you :P Also, to my subscribers, I know that the subject the video is on sounds boring, but I assure you that there is an equal amount of craziness to my other videos similar to this. The craziness might take a moment to be seen in this video. Enjoy!


Most of the characters were acted by King Liang.


The plot is about showing how positive communication can help in situations with examples.

Example 1

The first example shows a kid playing Club Penguin® and spilling water onto the keyboard, causing the monitor of the PC to get the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) from Microsoft Windows. The mom comes in, gets angry, and applies positive communication.

Example 2

The second example is a King looking at an online grade that was incomplete and getting mad at the teacher for getting an incomplete grade. He then gets an A+ from using positive communication on a paper.

Example 3

The third example shows that King is editing a video and the female teacher saying that the video was terrible. But using positive communication the teacher helps editing the video very quickly.