Positive Communication is a video made by King Liang (a.k.a Plainrock124) for school because a teacher was struggling.


This is a video was made to help a teacher and was made for the CTE Department. This video is made for teaching positive communication


The characters was almost all acted by King Liang.

  • King Liang
  • Kid
  • Mom
  • Teacher
  • Ms. Quick


The plot is about showing how positive communication can help in situations with examples.

Example 1

The first example shows a kid playing Club Penguin® and spilling water onto a keyboard and the monitor of the pc getting the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) from Microsoft Windows and the mom getting mad and applying positive communication.

Example 2

The second example is a King looking at an online grade that was incomplete and getting mad at the teacher for getting an incomplete grade and getting an A+ from using positive communication on a paper.

Example 3

The third example shows that King is editing a video and the female teacher saying that the video was terrible but using positive communication the teacher helps editing the video very quickly.

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